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VMware Certified Professional – Data Center Virtualization 2021 (VCP-DCV 2021) FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

Is VCP-DCV 2021 worth it?

Yes, for IT professionals who work with VMware software, the VCP-DCV 2021 is worth it. Although it might not be worth it for all cloud administrators, the VCP-DCV 2021 is worth it for VMware administrators specifically because it covers the knowledge it takes to install, configure and manage vSphere. That means it’s also worth it for anyone considering investing in VMware or who needs to understand how vSphere works for their job.

How much does the VCP-DCV 2021 cost?

The VCP-DCV 2021 is a notoriously expensive certification which can cost as much as $4,000 to earn. The VCP-DCV 2021 costs so much because in addition to the exam, which only costs $250, you also have to attend a required training course. Sometimes the online versions are less expensive than the in-person ones, but they’re always quite pricey. Because the VCP-DCV 2021 costs so much, employers usually help cover the cost for their employees.

Is the VCP-DCV 2021 difficult?

While far from easy, the VCP-DCV 2021 certification exam also isn’t especially difficult. People who take it can’t talk about what’s on the test, but among people who pass it, the opinion seems to be that the certification exam for the VCP-DCV 2021 is “reasonably” difficult. There are sample tests you can find that can will help make the VCP-DCV 2021 exam less difficult.

Does the VCP-DCV 2021 expire?

Yes, like all of VMware’s certifications, the VCP-DCV 2021 expires two years after the date you pass the exam and earn the certification. If you earn the VCP-DCV 2021, you can renew or recertify before it expires after two years. You can recertify by passing the same exam or by certifying at a higher level.

How to study for the VCP-DCV 2021?

The best way to study for the VCP-DCV 2021 is with an online course that provides a lot of opportunities for hands-on practice and experimentation. Experience is more important than facts when you’re studying for the VCP-DCV 2021. If you’re studying to pass the VCP-DCV 2021, find a course that explains the topics quickly but then gets you into a virtual lab or practice environment so you can get experience doing configurations by hand.
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