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CompTIA PenTest+ (PT0-002) FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

Is the CompTIA PenTest+ worth it?

Yes, the CompTIA PenTest+ is worth it for cybersecurity professionals who already perform penetration tests or vulnerability assessments, or want to start. If you already do penetration tests for your job, the PenTest+ is worth it because it’ll make you even better at planning, scoping and managing network and system weaknesses. And if you want to advance your career, the CompTIA PenTest+ is worth it for proving you’re ready to make that step.

Which is harder CompTIA PenTest+ or CySA+?

It’s impossible to say if the PenTest+ is harder than the CySA+ because they test very different skills, and people come to them with such different experience levels. The CySA+ is easier for cybersecurity analysts with experience in “blue team” tactics. Meanwhile, the CompTIA PenTest+ is easier for penetration testers who know the offensive approaches to identifying and resolving network security vulnerabilities.

How much does CompTIA PenTest+ cost?

The CompTIA PenTest+ costs $370. If you want to earn the PenTest+, you’ll have to pass one exam, PT0-002, a 165-minute exam with a maximum of 85 questions and a passing score of 750 out of 900. CompTIA PenTest+ has no prerequisites, so $370 is the total cost. There are no refunds for failures, though, so to make sure you don’t pay $370 twice, you might add the cost of a course so you’re prepared.

Is the CompTIA PenTest+ difficult?

The CompTIA PenTest+ definitely isn’t easy, but it’s also not unfair or unnecessarily difficult. The reason the PenTest+ exam is so difficult for many people is because it’s a vendor-agnostic exam. That means it tests penetration testing knowledge and skills regardless of the hardware, software or operating system involved. So to make sure the CompTIA PenTest+ is easy, you have to know a lot more, generalized knowledge.

Does the CompTIA PenTest+ expire?

The CompTIA PenTest+ does expire -- three years after you earn it. The PenTest+ expires so that CompTIA can be sure they’re only certifying cybersecurity professionals with relevant knowledge and technologies. You can recertify your PenTest+ with CompTIA continuing education training courses, taking a recertifying exam, passing a higher CompTIA certification, or with qualifying continuing education activities.
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