Level Up Your Security Skills with Palo Alto Training

With Palo Alto training, you're preparing yourself to administer and manage technology like next generation firewalls that keep networks safe from unwanted entry. A career in advanced network security simply has to include Palo Alto training at some point.

Palo Alto Firewall Training for Beginners

With Palo Alto training, you can prepare for advanced maintenance and management responsibilities. If you're an entry-level security technician and you don't want to get stuck with the simple stuff, take Palo Alto firewall training. You'll set yourself up for advanced responsibilities that you'd normally have to wait to do on your own.

    33 Million YouTube views 2.6 million hours of training watched

Earn Certifications with Palo Alto Training

The Palo Alto certification program is used to ensure that cybersecurity professionals are comfortable using Palo Alto technology and ready for whatever the job could possibly throw at them. The entry-level Palo Alto certification, PCCET, covers networking concepts, cybersecurity basics like exploits and vulnerabilities, and Palo Alto next-generation firewall configurations.

Palo Alto Training from CBT Nuggets

Most Palo Alto networks training videos from CBT Nuggets are originally designed to help learners earn Palo Alto certifications. But you don’t have to be planning to earn a certification to take the training. Palo Alto Networks training is useful for any cybersecurity professional at any point in their career.

    33 Million YouTube views 2.6 million hours of training watched

Get Certified using Palo Alto Training Videos

Palo Alto Networks training videos help learners prepare for the challenging exams Palo Alto developed for their certification program. Those exams can be long and intensive, but Palo Alto training from CBT Nuggets was specially designed to explain complicated networking and security concepts — to help prepare you for certifying exams.

Learn New Skills with Palo Alto Firewall Training

One of the brightest jewels in Palo Alto's crown is their next-generation firewalls. Palo Alto firewall training prepares cybersecurity professionals for deploying, maintaining, and configuring these highly specialized security appliances. Palo Alto NGFW training isn't just about pressing the right buttons, it dives deep into network and network security theory.

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