Develop DBA Skills with Oracle Training

Virtualized databases aren't the only things that Oracle does well, but it's one of the things that sets them apart. Learn to administer databases that live in the cloud or in a hybrid Oracle environment. Oracle DBA training makes you a master of all Oracle’s processes and features.

Oracle Training for Beginners

Oracle technologies can be a lot for a newcomer to the DBA field. Oracle database training is the best way to learn database administration — and prepare for a career working in the cloud. Oracle training from CBT Nuggets is structured so that you can choose the skills you need most to get started with Oracle.

    33 Million YouTube views 2.6 million hours of training watched

Oracle Database Training for Beginners

Oracle training for beginners doesn't shy away from advanced topics like multi-tenancy. But it also doesn't dump you too far in the deep end. Oracle DBA training from CBT Nuggets prepares you gradually. You’ll start with basics and build the foundation for more expert Oracle training.

Oracle Training from CBT Nuggets

Oracle is best known for its relational database management system, but after it bought Sun, it also acquired Solaris and Java. Training on Oracle apps includes learning MySQL to interact with data as well as practice with Java. With CBT Nuggets Oracle training, you'll learn all that as you work toward Oracle certifications.

    33 Million YouTube views 2.6 million hours of training watched

Earn Certifications with Oracle DBA Training

Oracle database training from CBT Nuggets covers the concepts of database administration and the specifics of what to expect on Oracle certifying exams. Oracle's certification program is designed to ensure that database administrators have the right knowledge for the right versions of the software they're using.

Oracle Training Courses from CBT Nuggets

Maybe there's one part of managing users you want to practice. Perhaps you want to see exactly how to migrate data to the cloud. Whatever database administration skill you need to learn, Oracle database training courses from CBT Nuggets can help you hone that knowledge.

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