Microsoft 365 Training for IT Pros

If you’re a systems administrator, Microsoft 365 training is a must. Microsoft is still the preferred enterprise vendor, so organizations need IT pros who can administer and manage 365. Learn how with Microsoft 365 online training.

Microsoft 365 Certification Training for IT Pros

Microsoft now offers more certification paths than ever. Choosing the right cert path is not easy. Prepare yourself with Microsoft 365 training designed for these individual career paths.

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Study for the MS-100 & MS-101 Exams: Become an Admin Expert

The MS Enterprise Admin Expert certification requires passing the MS-100 and MS-101 exams. These exams cover both identity and mobility management. Passing these exams requires a lot of dedication, but Microsoft 365 online training makes learning the exam material much faster and easier.

Study for MS-900: Learn Practical Cloud Skills

The MS-900 exam tests fundamental knowledge of choosing and managing cloud resources. Whether you are a sysadmin or cloud engineer, you need to take the MS-900 exam. But first, study with Microsoft 365 online training for cloud fundamentals.

Study for MD-100 & MD-101: Become a Desktop Admin

The first stop in the Microsoft certification world is the Modern Desktop Administration Associate. Microsoft designed this cert to jump start professional IT careers. The best way to study for this certification is a Microsoft 365 online training course designed specifically for exams MD-100 and MD-101.

On-Demand Skills Training for Microsoft 365

Whether you need to learn new Microsoft 365 skills or brush up on old ones, there’s a Microsoft 365 online training course for you. All our Microsoft 365 training videos are designed explicitly for working IT pros so you can learn when it is convenient for you.

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Learn How to Manage AD in Microsoft 365

Are you ready to migrate active directory to the cloud or learn how to federate AD instances across sites? Level up your cloud skills with Microsoft 365 training.

Learn How to Manage Mobile Devices in Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 offers mobile device management for a wide range of end-user devices. Whether you deploy in-house mobile devices, or have BYOD programs, you need to learn how to manage those devices.

Learn How to Secure Microsoft 365

Securing your cloud and local environment is hard, but this Microsoft 365 training helps manage threat vectors before they become an issue.

Learn How to Manage Microsoft 365 Governance

IT professionals need to abide by local laws and regulations. This Microsoft 365 online training teaches IT pros how and when to follow regulatory compliance when using Microsoft 365 services.

Learn How To Manage Microsoft 365 Subscriptions

There are a lot of businesses that have Microsoft 365 subscriptions they are no longer using. That’s because IT pros simply don’t understand how to manage these licenses. Microsoft 365 training will teach you how to manage Microsoft 365 subscriptions and control costs.

Choose the Right Microsoft 365 Online Training Course

Microsoft 365 has a wide range of products. Not every IT professional needs to learn every part of the Microsoft 365 ecosystem. Sometimes, you only need to understand specific pieces. That’s why CBT Nuggets offers a wide range of Microsoft 365 training videos for every MS product.

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All Microsoft 365 Training Courses from CBT Nuggets

Whether you need a Microsoft 365 certification or only need to learn new skills, there is a Microsoft 365 training course for you. Choose from a variety of Microsoft 365 training designed for the topics you need to know right now.

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