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Introduction to Machine Learning FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

Is it worth learning the basics of machine learning?

Yes, it is absolutely worth it to learn the basics of machine learning. From ChatGPT to personalized DJs on Spotify, machine learning is taking the world by storm. By the end of this course, you won't be programming a competitor to Google Bard by hand, but you will understand the basics of how machine learning works, what tools are available to you, and whether AI/ML is something your company or team should be investing in.

How difficult is this introduction to machine learning course?

This introduction to machine learning course is specially designed to be accessible to students of basically any technical background, while remaining informative and helpful. Most technical topics or aspects that get introduced during this AI/ML introduction course will be explained and contextualized as they come up. There's a lot to learn and understand about machine learning, but this course is meant to be easily consumed and rapidly understood.

Does doing machine learning depend on knowing a lot of math?

A firm grasp of math is helpful in machine learning, but it's far from mandatory when you're learning the basics. Entry-level machine learning concepts like the ones you'll find on this course can be understood with a conceptual grasp of basic math principles. When you advance beyond this introduction to machine learning and get into sophisticated implementations, familiarity with algebra, calculus and probability will be harder to avoid.

Are there any certifications associated with this machine learning training?

No, for a few reasons, this course wasn't designed with any particular certification or certifying exam in mind. First, there aren't any highly credible, long-running credentials in the IT world for general machine learning familiarity. Second, this introduction to machine learning focuses on giving you a conceptual understanding of machine learning's potential – not helping you memorize answers to test questions.

Can I get a job with this introduction to machine learning course?

This introduction to machine learning is probably not enough on its own to land you a job, especially not in a specialized AI/ML role. However, finishing the course is an extremely attractive addition to a resume or portfolio that already includes a data science background, cybersecurity familiarity, or business intelligence skills. This course is valuable for job-seekers as a way of enhancing your versatility and creativity in bringing new tools to long-standing problems.
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