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LPI Linux Essentials (010-160) FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

Is the Linux Essentials certificate worth it?

For new systems administrators or IT professionals who want to land a job related to Linux administration, earning the LPI Linux Essentials certificate is definitely worth it. However, the Linux Essentials (010-160) is meant to be an entry-level certificate, so if you're already familiar with the Linux operating system and can work the Linux command line well enough to manage permissions and security, it may not be worth your time.

How do you earn an LPI certification?

Earning a credential from the Linux Professional Institute (LPI) is as easy as paying for the exam and passing the test. LPI offers both entry-level "Essentials'' certificates and professional-level credentials which are more in-depth. Many LPI certifications have more than one exam, and most of the advanced certs have prerequisites of at least one earlier cert. You can prepare with official LPI courses, but you can study with any materials you prefer.

How much does the Linux Essentials (010-160) certificate cost?

It costs $120 to attempt 010-160, the LPI Linux Essentials certification exam. There are no prerequisites for the Linux Essentials exam, and there's only one exam standing between you and the certificate. Once you earn it, the LPI Linux Essentials certificate is good for life. Unlike some of LPI's other credentials, once you prove mastery of Linux fundamentals, you don't have to earn it ever again.

How difficult is it to prepare for the Linux Essentials 010-160 exam?

The Linux Essentials exam itself (010-160) isn't a particularly challenging test, and it doesn't go much deeper into Linux administration than the fundamentals of navigating the Linux OS and managing security and user/group management with the command line. However, for someone with no previous experience administering operating systems or devices running Linux, it's a difficult exam to prepare for without a course that features virtual simulations and hands-on practice.

Why should you take a course on the essentials of Linux operation?

Linux is the backbone of servers, devices, and entire networks all over the world. A truly vast number of computers and networks are powered by Linux. Mastering the basics of Linux administration is like a sailor learning to swim: you'll be around Linux your entire career – you should know how to survive in it. A basic familiarity with Linux is more or less mandatory for a career in IT, and this course provides the basics.
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