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Certified Wireless Analysis Professional (CWAP) FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

Is Certified Wireless Analysis Professional worth it?

Yes, the CWAP is worth it for IT professionals who are involved with wireless network design, implementation or troubleshooting. The organization who issues the CWAP, CWNP, is a trusted professional organization for technical wireless professionals, and the CWAP is one of the best ways to validate your expertise in wireless network configuration, optimization and management.

How much does the CWAP cost?

Earning the Certified Wireless Analysis Professional (CWAP) costs $349.99. The certification only has one exam (CWAP-404), but since you must hold a CWNA before attempting it (which costs $274.99), the total cost of the CWAP certification is arguably $624.98. That's not cheap, but there's probably no other certification that covers as wide a range of wireless spectrum and protocol knowledge and technical expertise.

Is the Certified Wireless Analysis Professional difficult?

Yes, you should plan on the certifying exam for the CWAP being difficult. CWNP, the certifying organization, takes its role as authority on wireless network expertise seriously: they wrote the CWAP test to be a high bar to clear. Anyone who earns it has to prove their familiarity and comfort with frame formats, technologies, spectrum analysis and protocol analysis.

Does CWAP expire?

Yes, the CWAP certification expires after three years. You renew your CWAP by taking the same exam again while you also hold the prerequisite CWNA. Fortunately, upon earning the CWAP, your CWNA is automatically renewed, and since it's a prerequisite for the CWAP, you can always renew your CWAP and CWNA simply by passing the one CWAP exam.

How to study for Certified Wireless Analysis Professional (CWAP)?

Studying for the CWAP has to include practical experience as well as technical knowledge. You should study for the CWAP certifying exam with a course that explains wireless network theory, with an emphasis on spectrum and protocol analysis. But you also need a course that features hands-on opportunities for practicing how to configure wireless networks in a virtual sim or practice environment.
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